We provide an in-house capability for the overhaul, repair and rewind of all types of motors.
Motor stator winding shown overheated & burnt off.
Motor Rotor Assembly with Melted Object on the right.
Motor stator after strip-down.
Stator slots after clearing & Preparation of insulation papers.
​Motor stator ready to perform of rewinding works.
Rewinding works in progress.
Motor Stator winding fully inserted.
Motor Stator after varnish & baked
Stator winding after termination & brazing.
Insulation Resistance (IR) Test in progress.
All relevants test in progress.
Packing & ready to deliver.
Dismantling motor for checking and service
3 units of 330KW/250HP motors completed repair and ready to sent back to client
The full view of the workshop
Service and repairing on the HT motor
Conduct balancing test for the fan with impeller
Balancing for the motor rotor