Why balancing so important? 

Why are some machines louder than others? Why does the valve of a bicycle swing downwards when it is allowed to freely rotate? Why does the steering wheel of a car shake at certain speeds? Virtually every day we come across a phenomenon, the effect of which is frequently underestimated – unbalance.

The term “unbalance” comes from “balance”, which in turn comes from “scales”. Scales are in equilibrium when the same weight exists on both sides of the scale beam. The mass distribution of a rotor about its rotational axis can be considered in the same way. An uneven distribution of the mass is called unbalance. It causes centrifugal forces, vibrations and noises during rotation, which become stronger and more uncomfortably noticeable at higher speeds. 

We take advantage of the latest developments in transformer repair technologies and materials to provide you with reliable repairs and effective upgrades. 

Repairs include:



core repairs


restacking complete rewinds

repairs and adjustments

Our engineering machine workshop is exceptionally well-equipped and ready to respond to any breakdown or emergency. Great Sama approach to service also means that we take on the very smallest jobs too. In fact we will always go the extra mile to help. 

Service life

Bearings, suspensions, housings and foundations can be subjected to very high stresses caused by vibrations resulting from unbalance and these result in greater wear. Products with unbalanced parts often have a shorter service life. 

Vibrations can reduce the frictional grip of screwed and clamped connections, until components loosen. Electric switches are destroyed by vibration, pipes and cables can fracture at the connections. Unbalance can substantially reduce a machine’s operating safety ? man and machine are at risk. 



A irregularly running electric tool cannot be precisely used. The user’s effort increases they become tired more quickly. Vibrations also have a substantial negative effect on the production result of machine tools: A grinder or high-speed woodworking machine produces untidy work and produces more rejects if the spindle and tools have not been precisely balanced. 

Irregular, noisy running is always used as a quality assessment criterion and so vibrations can have a substantial negative effect on a product’s competitiveness: A highly vibrating household appliance and a noisy car are products which will not be successful on the market. 

Forces caused by unbalance, disruptive vibrations and noises are removed by balancing. This involves improving the mass distribution of a rotor so that smaller centrifugal forces act in its bearings. In addition, the type of unbalance also has to be taken into account during balancing. 


Unbalance types

Unbalance can be divided into different types depending on their effect. Apart from the shape and task of a rotor, the type of unbalance affects the location of the correction plane and the choice of balancing tolerance. The most important types of unbalance are:
  • Static unbalance
  • Couple unbalance
  • Dynamic unbalance
The range of components we balance include, but are not limited to:-
  • Impellors
  • Fans
  • Rollers
  • Armatures
  • Rotors of any kind
  • Flywheels
  • Turbos

In addition to our in house dynamic balancing facilities, we have a range of site balancing sets to carry out our balancing services on site, this can be particularly useful when components are hard or expensive to remove from site. 

The correct alignment is crucial to the smooth running of rotating equipment, in addition to the balancing of rotating department we also carry out laser alignment services on site and within our workshops. By carrying out laser alignment on site we are able to reduce vibration preventing premature breakdown and prolonging the serviceable life of the machine. 

The above facility is enhanced by infra red thermographic equipment using Flir cameras as important tool with the vibration analysers to complete the monitoring service. 

Site Balancing and Laser Alignment

Hi-Pot & Surge Comparison Test Services.

Surge Comparison Testing is the most comprehensive quality control method for electrical windings. It is extremely effective as a diagnostic tool to evaluate and detect any windings fault that may exist.  The Surge test can be used to detect the following in the windings:-

  • reverse coil connections
  • open coils
  • grounded coils
  • defective insulation
  • turn – to – turn short circuits
  • coil – to – coil short circuits
  • phase – to – phase short circuits